BETHLEHEM, W.Va. (WTRF) — Whether we realize it or not, those who serve in the military protect us by putting their lives on the line for us everyday.

And a wonderful way to tell them just how much we care is to hold events honoring them.

On Monday morning, Bethlehem Elementary students invited family and friends, who are veterans, to their annual Veteran’s Breakfast to show them how sincerely grateful they are for their service and their sacrifice.

In addition to the breakfast itself, there was a very special flag-raising ceremony and the Pledge of Allegiance signifying our freedom and the foundation that America was built on.

Veteran and Marshall County Magistrate Judge Zachary Allman, who was one of the guest speakers, offered some kind words about our veterans.

Generation after generation we’ve had the bravest among us in American people stand up in voluntary service to the country and forming really a covenant to this country to say I’m willing to give everything to protect this freedom and to protect this country up unto and including my life.

Zachary Allman, Veteran & Marshall Co. Magistrate

Sponsors of the event included the Bethlehem P.T.O., Grace Lutheran Church, Eat’n Park at the Highlands, Panera Bread at the Highlands, and Newbrough Photo.