WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF)- As the pandemic uncertainty continues, so does the state of the travel industry or at least there was.

Cruises were took one of the biggest hits, not being able to hit the water since March when COVID-19 first hit.

According to Bill Bryson of Uniglobe, the industry is slowly rising back to where it was as they look toward the future.

Even though a lot of people missed their summer vacations, eyes are on the fall and next years trips.

Cruises are set to make a comeback on November 1st and charter flights are opening back up and access to all inclusive trips across the globe are right around the corner.

We’re seeing a lot of interest in the Caribbeans and those all-inclusive vacations that everyone loves.

Bill Bryson | Owner, Uniglobe

Bryson says Uniglobe has a busy October with severall motor coach trips Pittsburgh, Marietta and Louisville. Cruises are planned for January and several summer trips planned for 2021.