Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – It’s a midterm election year, and you know what that means—political signs everywhere you look.

We all see them on the side of the road at big intersections, but keep in mind they can’t be there in Wheeling.

The city passed an ordinance two years ago banning any commercial and political advertising in right-of-ways.

That includes places where stop signs and light poles would be.

Director of Building and Planning Tom Connelly says they’re not just an eyesore—they often fall over and blow into traffic.

We’ve all seen it. Weeks and months after an election, they’re still there. Because people come in, they just flood the community, and oftentimes they’re not even from the area, and then they leave and then after the election, we’re left to clean it up.

Tom Connelly, Wheeling Director of Building and Planning

Now that ordinance does not apply to private property, so feel free to put those signs in your yard.

If you’ve put one of them up in the right-of-way, you have until tomorrow to take them down before the city does it for you.