UPDATE 2:30 PM (10/6/21)

West Liberty University President Dr. W. Franklin Evans provided 7News with a statement regarding his allegations of plagiarism:

“I regret my lack of attribution in any speech or presentation that may have been given. It was never my intent to give the impression that those were my exact words, and I failed to identify where the material came from. For that, I am sorry. I will make sure it doesn’t happen again. I want the best for West Liberty University, its students, staff and faculty. My goal is to continue serving the university in the manner expected by the Board of Governors.”

West Liberty University President Dr. W. Franklin Evans

Current West Liberty University President Dr. W. Franklin Evans is being questioned for allegedly plagiarizing his speeches.

The West Liberty Board of Governors provided a statement that they were aware of the allegations.

“It has come to my and the Board Governors attention that Dr. W. Franklin Evans, president of West Liberty University, did not give proper attribution to the original authors in his recent speeches,” said Rich Lucas, chairman of the WLU Board of Governors.    

“The board believes that this was an oversight by Dr. Evans. Dr. Evans has apologized to the faculty and has vowed that in the future he will be more diligent in giving proper attribution when drafting his speeches,” he continued.

“There are many important issues that all universities across the country are facing at this time. The WLU Board of Governors believes Dr. Evans is the right person to lead and grow WLU now and for our future.”

Lucas also said the Board of Governors is not ignoring the issue and it will be addressed at the next Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday, October 13 at 4:00 PM.

Other media outlets have stated that West Liberty Faculty Senate has concluded that President W. Franklin Evans committed plagiarism on multiple occasions. 7News is working to confirm those allegations.

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