UPDATE: Anthony Ashby has released the following statement to 7News.

I have 2 boys and 2 girls with one of them being  autistic and I work full time. I don’t make a lot of money but I was doing well enough at one point to start looking into possibly buying a house. I had an issue with custody and hired torisevas firm to represent me in the case. It was a textbook case that could have been won without an attorney but this same situation has happened numerous times I wanted it to stop. When I initially hired the firm and put down the 5k retainer I told them I had to get a personal loan and I could not come up with any more funds after that. Within a week they asked for more money. Then more and more , blaming it on the courthouse and how I had to pay for the court sending the wrong papers or $60 for a 2 line email…. Anytime I questioned the attorney they would just respond with lines such as “you could always just get another attorney if you don’t like how I’m doing things.” Knowing I couldn’t afford anything else. All throughout they knew a big sticking point I had was to get reimbursed for my fees. Which they wrote out a letter instead of filing a simple form (which I found out by asking the judge at the end of our hearing that I won) The exact words was me “Hey what about my money?” The judge “ you didn’t file a basic form”. That to me seems to be the lawyers job.   They have since deleted the billing . What burns me up the most ? The last time I talked to the office I talked to Josh. He sounded like he actually cared and listened to me but the last thing he asked me and the last contact I had with the office was “is your life better now than it was before?” Which I said no. Then they stopped returning my calls all together. After a few months of no contact I started standing outside of her office. Which then Josh tried to offer me coffee and come inside , which I refused and stayed quiet, moments later the police show up telling me to not be “harassing anyone” or “waving a gun around”. After that they sent this to my work to try and get me fired. I just want others to know what kind of people they are and hopefully other people will find better attorneys to represent them instead of shady people who never had their  best interest in mind

Anthony Ashby

A Wheeling lawyer released a statement on Tuesday claiming she is being harassed by a former male client.

Teresa Toriseva, a Wheeling attorney, is claiming, Anthony Ashby, who she names in the statement, is harassing her after Ashby was allegedly ‘dissatisfied with the outcome or the cost of his domestic matter.’

The alleged harassment began, according to Toriseva, when Ashby sent a direct message to Toriseva. Next was commenting on her campaign Facebook page after she declared her
candidacy and in other public social media platforms.

Toriseva claims the next step of harassment was when Ashby picketed the law firm with a homemade hand-held sign that said: “Toriseva RIPS OFF low-income families”

Ashby allegedly told a Toriseva Law employee “I want my money back. I’ll be here every day
until the election or until I get my money back.”

Toriseva claims that Ashby also showed up to public events to harass her.

Toriseva claims that there have been efforts to get Ashby to stop but those efforts did not work as he continues to picket outside her law office.

Toriseva stated “I will not be bullied or intimidated by anyone. I will not be extorted for
money to avoid ‘bad press’.”

She further stated: “This is not a First Amendment issue. The right to free speech does not
mean one can lie, threaten, defame, or bully me. While Ashby has been escalating, I have taken
steps to try to diffuse the situation by ignoring him. But his threats make clear he is attempting to affect the election unless I relent to his hostile demands for money he is not owed. I ask the public to be on alert, tone down the rhetoric, and keep each other safe. We can disagree without violence, harassment, and intimidation.”