A West Virginia school staff member is earning well deserved praise after saving a student’s life.

Ritchie Elementary in Ohio County says one of their staff members stepped in an emergency situation.

The school says a child was choking on their lunch in the cafeteria and students in the cafeteria immediately shouted for help when the incident occurred.

Ritchie counselor, Nick Irvin, stepped in immediately to perform the Heimlich.

“It was just kind of a natural reaction, you know I saw all the signs of someone choking and just did what I had to do and thought of all the different trainings and it just worked out…I’m glad that she’s just alright and I followed up with her the next day and she seemed like she was in good spirits.”

Nick Irvin, Counselor at Ritchie Elementary School

“We are beyond appreciative to Mr. Nick for his quick response in assisting the student!! This incredible job well done goes to show how our safety plan is always set in place for our Hornets,” said Ritchie Elementary School.

Ritchie Elementary School also said that every two years it’s staff completes training to practice CPR, use a defibrillator, and perform the Heimlich maneuver.