WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — She spent all summer growing tomatoes, grapes and teaching kids how to take care of the earth. But we surprised this teacher with a fruit she’s never had before! 

For this Golden Apple Awards, 7NEWS and The Health Plan snuck into Wheeling Middle School with a $200 check.

The Golden Apple nominator gets a gold sticker for ‘best boyfriend of the year!’ Ms. Craig’s significant other, Anand Patel, told 7NEWS, “For Jenny, teaching is more than a career.” 

So we asked the class: “Is she a great teacher?” Everyone responded, “Yeah!” “I didn’t even pay them to say that,” said Ms. Craig. And she did not pay her coworker to say this either:

She is extremely kind. Very innovative. She loves the kids. She’s always looking on new, creative things for them to learn.” 

Gladys Goff, School Counselor, Wheeling Middle

Jenny Craig teaches Special Education for sixth through eighth graders in all subjects. And if that’s not enough, she keeps alive a beautiful, huge school garden.  

“It’s a labor of love and it’s a lot of work but it’s a great asset for our community and school.” 

Jenny Craig, Special Education Teacher, Golden Apple Awards Winner

The kids say she should spend the check on more toys! And as for Ms. Craig, she’s shocked and humbled.

“Well, I’m very surprised. I wasn’t suspecting this. But I’m grateful. I’m really grateful for this.” 

Jenny Craig, Special Education Teacher, Golden Apple Awards Winner

“Wait,” said one student. “You’re on the news right now?” “I guess so,” replied Ms. Craig.

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