WHEELING, W.Va. — (WTRF) She spends her time trying to change the perception of what poor looks like.

Wheeling native Amy Jo Hutchison is a woman who speaks from personal experience.

Hutchison, who is a single mother herself, advocates for single moms, specifically working moms, who need child care in the Mountain State.

She considers the need for child care one of the economic injustices she fights against.

Hutchison was joined by friends and family on Thursday night at Table 304 in Wheeling as she made her national debut on Apple TV.

Hutchison was on an episode of the new Apple Original Series, “The Problem with Jon Stewart.”

The show delved into the topic of the working-class American and an infrastructure that cares about the worker.

Hutchison believes that child care is actually an issue that shouldn’t be a political one.

“You can’t let your protective stance go when it comes to defending policies like this and as far as child-care subsidies it’s the people who need the extra help. Where are they in this? It seem like a lot of this. It seems like a lot of this package is geared toward people are already working, but are we going to do to provide child care, safe and quality child care, just as an example, to get people who aren’t working back into the workforce.”

Amy Jo Hutchison, Wheeling Activist

The $1.75 trillion Senate passed bipartisan infrastructure plan includes
universal Pre-K for all three and four year olds, an extension of the child tax credit and a reduction in health plan premiums under the Affordable Care Act.