WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Tuesday night Wheeling City Council had plans to discuss whether the Wheeling Inn is a ‘public nuisance’, but decided, in a 4 to 0 vote, to table this decision. 

Although City Manager Bob Herron recommends the city deems the Wheeling Inn a ‘public nuisance’, many are mixed over this. 

Some locals are concerned over the safety and condition of the Wheeling Inn. 

They say the Wheeling Inn building isn’t just deteriorating, but there’s also been suspected drug dealings and prostitutions there, as well as countless response calls from fire, police, and ambulances. 

A crime analysis from the police departments shows they’ve been called out 300 times either to the Inn or directly outside it from January of 2019 to mid-November of 2021.  Those calls reportedly involved traffic stops, drug activity, and drug overdoses. 

But others are defending the Inn. 

They say it’s one of the only emergency housing options in the area.

“Passing this resolution today would have far greater consequences. passing this resolution today would make people homeless. Passing the resolution today would eliminate one of the only emergency options. Passing the resolution would shut down a Wheeling business on the basis of a fabricated report.” 

Anand Patel, concerned resident

“While I understand, there is a need in this community for emergency housing and shelter, I believe people in those situations of need deserve clean and safe, places to stay. So, I urge you all to support the ‘public nuisance’ declaration.”  

Doug Carol, concerned resident

City council says they agreed to table this for more time to do some due diligence and for the two council members who couldn’t be at the meeting. 

If the Wheeling Inn is deemed a ‘public nuisance’, it would close the Inn down. But that now​ depends on the outcome of the  public hearing next month. 

Council members couldn’t comment because the decision is still pending.