WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — You know Wheeling filmmaker Shawn Holmes for his indie success…now you may see his movies when you switch on your cable.

Following his 20-minute short “How to Tie a Tie,” Holmes was tapped to create movies for the Lifetime channel.

He’s just wrapped ‘A Rose for Her Grave,’ which follows a money-seeking man who marries and kills for profit.

Next on his agenda is ‘Christmas at the Greenbrier’ and ‘Desperate Hours,’ all of which were shot in the Mountain State using local actors.

Normally I work with much smaller budgets and these movies are millions of dollars. Which is cool, because they’re bringing millions of dollars to West Virginia and we’re hiring West Virginians. And yeah, it’s really cool to just give a little boost to the economy like that.

Shawn Holmes, Wheeling filmmaker

While you’re waiting for his Lifetime movies to premiere…
You can catch his award-winning short film streaming at Howtotieatiemovie.com.