Wheeling, WV (WTRF)- It’s a big night you’ve probably already made plans for. A night out watching fireworks may sound about right!

After Wheeling’s Fourth of July faced a year off, it’s making a comeback unlike ever before.

“Since we didn’t do anything last year with COVID, we thought we should amp it up this year, make it a little special and awesome.”

Garrett Pugh, pyrotechnician

It’s always been largest firework show you know of locally for decades; however, this year might top years past.

“It’s gonna be a lot different than what they’ve experience the last few years.”

Garrett Pugh, pyrotechnician

Not just different, but Garrett Pugh, who’s in charge of the show, calls it the biggest one you’ve seen in recent years.

“Gonna be a lot of cool effects we have. There’s gonna be more shots than we ever shot before.”

Garrett Pugh, pyrotechnician

Two or three shots will go off at once, capping the show off with a big 5-minute -long finale.

“You don’t normally see that. It’s usually kinda fast and over with pretty quick. But with that many shells, we’ll be able to drag it out.”

Garrett Pugh, pyrotechnician

But, to make it all happen, the behind the scenes process is a lot.

“It’s a pretty extensive process.”

Garrett Pugh, pyrotechnician

From booking the show months in advance, getting insurance and permits in order, to actually designing the show, it’s a busy time for them. It’s all for one big event that everyone can’t wait to see!

“It’s a big show this year. With it being the largest display in the Ohio Valley. We want people everywhere, from Tyler and Wetzel Counties all the way up to Brooke and Hancock Counties. If we can get people down here to watch it, the more the better.

Garrett Pugh, pyrotechnician

If you’d like to see the big show, fireworks go off at 9:45 tonight!