OHIO COUNTY, W.Va (WTRF) A U.S. postal worker was taken to Wheeling Hospital for a dog bite Tuesday afternoon.

The Ohio County Animal Control rushed to the scene in Warwood where they tell 7NEWS a pit bull bit the mail carrier so badly on her arm that she was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

Dog Warden Thomas Oberdick checked the pit bull. He tells 7NEWS this was the dog’s first encounter and says the dog is up to date on its rabies vaccines.

However, animal control is now monitoring the dog for ten days. They say this is standard practice for any dog-bite encounter, no matter the breed nor bite.

The warden says the door was not latched and the dog ran out and bit the woman on the porch.

Wheeling Police served the pit bull’s owners a ‘vicious dog citation.’

Law within city limits requires pit bulls to be registered as ‘vicious dogs’ and certain precautions must be taken along with owning the breed.