WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) –You’ll see them rolling up with a new style! Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Wheeling Police Department has a fresh ride to get around in the city.

The department’s new “trikkes” are not the easiest to operate but they sure look cool!

The biggest challenge I would say is learning the turning and shifting your body weight from one side to the other. 

Sgt. Rob Safreed, Wheeling Police

Reaching up to speeds near 40 MPH, it’s powered with a 60-volt battery that lasts 8 hours (or about 30 miles). 

Each trikke costs $8,500, so the Wheeling Police Department is so grateful for the anonymous generosity. 

You’ll see them at events around the city, or if they need to sneak up on trouble. 

They will come in handy. They’re silent, they can sneak up on folks. They’re fast. It does not take a whole lot of effort like it would a bicycle or foot patrol.

Lt. Josh Sanders, Wheeling Police

It takes about eight hours of training and about six officers already have the trikkes down. 

They’ve already been used at Waterfront Wednesdays and you’ll definitely see them out and about for the Fourth of July.