Wheeling resident Naomi Hupp celebrated her 104th birthday Wednesday.

Her latest joke is “Everything gets better with age–except bananas.”

What leads to a long life? In Naomi’s case, a couple of things.

“Well she’s had excellent lifestyle habits. She always did everything in moderation. She’s very much a musical person. Music has always been part of her life. “

John Lowe – Naomi’s son

Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren visited her at Elmhurst, along with caregivers and friends

“Naomi has been a resident of Elmhurst since 2009. We are celebrating a milestone. She has turned 104 years of age. Elmhurst has never had a resident that has basically reached this milestone before. And we’re very excited for her and her family.”

Jamie Crow – Executive Director, Elmhurst

Healthy habits, everything in moderation, music and love have gotten Naomi 104 birthdays.