WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Even the morning after the Fourth of July, Wheeling residents are waking up and partying on! 

Sunday night a couple thousand people filled into Heritage Port to watch what some are calling the best fireworks show Wheeling has put on in recent history.

Oh, that was unbelievable! Best Wheeling’s ever done.

Dave Turner, Ohio River boater

One of my assistants, he was spotting for me and helping me keep track of where I was in my show. And we were getting ready to do the finale. I looked over and said, ‘Tank, it’s about to get crazy’ and he was like, ‘Oh Yes!’

Garrett Pugh, Pyrotechnician with American Fireworks Company

It’s hard to top the Wheeling Suspension Bridge and its waterfall of fireworks, but in his biggest gig yet, resident pyrotechnician Garrett Pugh loaded 3,500 fireworks onto a barge and was going to give Wheeling a show we’ve been waiting two years for. 

In the finale alone, there were probably 800 shots just in the last 4-5 minutes of my show.

Garrett Pugh, Pyrotechnician with American Fireworks Company

Firework enthusiast Jay Yelenic attended the Highland’s show on Friday where he ran into the Fourth of July Santa, then Saturday made his way to Oglebay’s hills, but Sunday, with the Symphony back together, Pugh’s finale stuck with him. 

I hate to say it but probably one of the best fireworks shows I’ve seen this weekend and probably one of the best ones at Wheeling.

Jay Yelenic, fireworks watcher

Boat loads of boaters, near 200, filled the Ohio River to watch the display, and one crew 7NEWS met spent all night on the water!  

You couldn’t get through it (the crowd of boats). We came back through the channel because you could not get through the river.” 

John Doe, Ohio River boater

This was Pugh’s third show this weekend and everything blew up according to plan. 

And after a year without Fourth of July fireworks, or crowds, everyone seems to agree that this Independence Day weekend is what Uncle Sam ordered. 

It’s very good. We need it for the economy.

John Turner, Ohio River boater

“We are still celebrating! Independence Day.” 

We’ll see if next 4th can top it!