WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-The city of Wheeling is now a step closer to upgrading the Capitol Theatre in a big way. 

This week, the city council unanimously passed a motion to do major improvements to the theatre with the ARPA funding, totaling over $300 thousand. That’s on top of the upgrades to the fly system. 

Councilman Dave Palmer says these changes are much needed. 

It will advance the fly system, make the balcony safer, and improve the sound system and cosmetic features inside the theatre. 

All this, Palmer says, will do a lot for the local economy. 

“It’s extremely important. The Capitol Theatre is an economic driver for the city of Wheeling. It’s what brings people in. Hopefully, with all the improvements we’re doing, we’ll be able to bring more people back in. We kind of lost people along the way from the old Jamboree USA days, but we’re trying to bring those people back with a variety of different shows.”

Dave Palmer, Wheeling city Councilman

The funding is being transferred to the Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority. The upgrades are expected to go in the works shortly after that.