Power outages are happening around Ohio County due to the vicious storm that passed through overnight, and this does not exclude power on the roads.

Traffic lights are down, and this can cause confusion when your’re driving.

Traffic lights exist in intersections for safety and control reasons.

When a traffic light is out and there present, the intersection should be treated as a four-way stop sign alternating turns with other drivers.

Should you come across a fallen powerline or tree while driving, avoid the area at all costs in the event that a fallen power line is active.

It is up to you on the roads to proceed with caution, but public safety officials are working on their end to keep the community safe. 

“It’s rare that we have a storm like this that blows roofs off of buildings, and destroys parks, and trees are down everywhere, and lines down in various areas of the city. So, we’re working through it and we’re still in the assessment phase right now and we’re working together with multiple public safety entities to ensure that we’re communicating properly and letting people know what’s going on,” says Philip Stahl, the Public Information Officer for Wheeling Police & Fire Departments.

There are risks to driving in these conditions, but here are some tips to ensure your safety on the road, as well as everyone else’s.

Go slow, pay attention, and be very cautious especially in highly traveled areas.

Keep an eye out for cones and barricades, as they are there for a reason.

Lastly, be just as aware of others on the road as you are yourself.

Crews are working diligently to correct these situations, but for your safety and everyone else’s, proceed with caution at intersections.