WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Big changes are coming to downtown Wheeling.

A city-led workshop reimagined the area in and around Centre Market as far as streets and businesses go.

“We need a vibrant downtown.”

Zach Abraham, Ohio County Commissioner

Centre Market is taking on a new look, and it’s starting with this room packed with city leaders, residents, business owners, and members from Smart Growth America.

“The whole Centre Market area has really been coming alive over the last 10 to 15 years, and I think it can do more great things in the years to come.”

Zach Abraham, Ohio County Commissioner

“Our Centre Market is one of the oldest cast iron market houses anywhere in the country, and after a hundred plus years, some people still consider our Centre Market a ‘hidden gem’, and that’s not okay, we want everyone to know how incredible our market is.”

Rosemary Ketchum, City Council member

This group has big plans in mind. They involve ‘reimagining’ in and around Centre Market. That includes improving traffic patterns, making the streets safer, and making the area more pedestrian-friendly, but more specifically, this group’s talking about widening sidewalks or even adding outdoor dining.

They also have ideas that involve helping businesses inside Centre Market thrive.

As far as these plans go, city leaders like Rosemary Ketchum believe these will help transform the city for the better.

“A historic market house like our own really deserves a set of standards and expectations, and a 10, 20, 50-year strategic plan to make sure the market house we have today is only better 50 years from now.”

Rosemary Ketchum, City Council member

But all these plans still remain on the drawing board for now.

City council will have to first approve the plans before moving forward.