The Ziegenfelder Company is increasing starting wages for entry-level positions by 25%.

The company says the pay increase falls in line with company expansion and the opportunity to run additional production lines in the Wheeling facility.

Ziegenfelder says the potential of operating seven lines at the Wheeling facility, brings an immediate hiring need to the area. The Ziegenfelder Company, which runs on a 24/7 basis, will be hiring for all three shifts with new wages effective this week.

Current workers will also be rewarded for their efforts, receiving a lift in their existing wages.

“Our Tribe comes to work, day-in and day-out to help bring a low-cost novelty to freezers across
the country, especially during a time when consumers are feeling the weight of their wallet.” Kevin Heller, Chief Executive Officer of The Ziegenfelder Company continued, “The timing is right to implement the wage increase as we are looking at expansion in line operations, here in Wheeling, levels of inflation are causing stress to our tribe and efforts with internal promotions & worker retention.”