ST. CLARISVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is honoring the parent company of the Ohio Valley Mall for their latest sign and social media campaign.

It reminds people not to leave children or pets in a parked car for even a moment.

The Cafaro Company received the Compassionate Business Award for the campaign that includes their malls all over the nation.

They remind everyone that temperatures inside a parked car can reach deadly heights in just minutes.

We’re simply trying to keep someone or something you love from a horrible fate. No one’s going to object. I think a lot of people have said to us we applaud you for doing this and we humbly accept their thanks but yes, we’re glad to make that reminder out there in public.

Joe Bell, Director of Communications, The Cafaro Company

Bell said the Cafaro Company wants to help prevent vulnerable family members from enduring terrible heatstroke deaths.

He added what starts out as a quick errand can take longer than expected, and turn into tragedy.