WHEELING, W VA. (WTRF) – With wildfires ongoing across Quebec, smoke may reach the lower levels of the atmosphere dropping air quality across the valley on Tuesday.

Predicted low level smoke across the eastern U.S.

Hazy skies with a milky white tint have been commonly seen across the valley over the past few months thanks to wildfires going on across parts of Canada. Most of the smoke stays high in the atmosphere and plays little impact on the valley other than a hazy look.

With wildfires ongoing across parts of Quebec, closer to the US, smoke has been seen moving into parts of the Northeast not just in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Thanks to a cold front moving through on Tuesday some of that low-level smoke will reach into parts of the Ohio Valley.

Dropping air quality for parts of the valley

Air quality is already dipping down into the unhealthy range for parts if Western Pennsylvania and Hazardous for parts of Central Pennsylvania


  • Older Adults
  • Young Children
  • If Pregnant
  • Have heart and or lung issues
  • Those with asthma

If you fall into any of these categories it is recommended to limit outdoor activities. If you want to get a walk-in or get some yard work done, it is best to get it done during the morning hours and limit your time outside to under 60 minutes.

Keeping your windows closed is not a bad idea either, as air quality alerts may very well be issued Tuesday morning and afternoon.