WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Another out-of-this-world event is slated to make a return on Saturday.

The Annular Solar Eclipse is Saturday, October 14th. The path of totality will move in across the Pacific Northwest and down into Texas.

Here at home, we have the opportunity to see a 30/40% blockage.

Unlike a Total Solar Eclipse (where the moon covers the sun completely), an Annular Eclipse is when the moon covers nearly the entire sun except the outer edge creating a “ring of fire” look.

Will we be able to see it?

For those of us in The Ohio Valley, the eclipse begins at 11:51 AM with the eclipse maximum at 1:13 PM and ending at 2:37 PM. It will be difficult to witness the eclipse itself, without factoring in the cloud cover.

It does trend to be cloudy with scattered showers in the area.

The Total Solar Eclipse will provide a better viewing point for us here at home.

For a look at the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, Click Here