WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio — Ohio Valley deputies made an arrest after finding weed in a U-Haul during a traffic stop.

Washington County Sheriff deputies arrested a South Carolina man after a traffic stop on I-77.

Deputy Davis of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling near the 2-mile marker of I-77 when he observed a U-Haul cargo van following a passenger vehicle closely.

When Davis stopped the vehicle, a light blue four-door sedan with a South Carolina registration stopped behind the cruiser without being ordered to do so.

Detective Zide of the WSCO identified the van driver as Akeem A. Jennings of Cayce, SC.

Zide asked Jennings if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. Jennings stated that a small amount of marijuana was in the U-Haul and that he had a gun and possibly marijuana in the blue sedan.

The driver of the blue sedan stated they were following Jennings to Virginia.

A strong smell of marijuana was detected while speaking to the driver, and a search of that vehicle revealed a pistol, which was confirmed stolen from Assumption County, Los Angeles.

Jennings admitted to Zide that the pistol was his and that he bought it on the street in LA.

Jennings was arrested for receiving stolen property and was transported to Washington County Jail.