St. Clairsville, OHIO (WTRF) — For the past nine weeks, two women in our community have spent countless hours raising money and awareness for the American Heart Association as a part of the 2023 Ohio Valley Women of Impact Campaign.

This year’s nominees, Katie Everson and Sherrie Dunlevy, have both done amazing work within the community. Everson was named the 2023 Ohio Valley Woman of Impact winner, raising $33,002 during her campaign. Dunlevy was also honored with a nominee award for her hard work and dedication to Women’s Heart Health. Dunlevy raised $22,000 during her campaign.

Together, Everson and Dunlevy raised an astounding $55,272 for the American Heart Association and brought more awareness to Women’s Heart Health. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in women here in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Everson continually thanked God, her family and the community for all the support.
She says she was not sure she could really make an impact as a busy mom of four. Ultimately, her own mother inspired her.

“My mom was getting a heart catheterization and when I got the nomination and this was happening, I thought, ‘God is calling me to help with women’s heart health.’ And seeing my mom go through that I thought, ‘I want to help all of the women that I love to be heart healthy and live long healthy lives.'”

Katie Everson, 2023 Ohio Valley Woman of Impact Winner

Everson says her team hosted a variety of events like a cardio drumming class, hats for the heart challenge with 4 local schools and a Docs vs. Jocks charity basketball game to name a few.
She was honored to be a part of this campaign and will hold the memories she made close to her heart.

“All the love and support of everyone who has been a part of this. My family, my team, my lord and savior Jesus Christ who has led me and been my strength and refuge, and every single person in this community, in the Ohio Valley that has stepped up to support this campaign and to support this awesome cause.”

Katie Everson, 2023 Ohio Valley Woman of Impact Winner

The other 2023 Ohio Valley Woman of Impact Nominee, Sherri Dunlevy, was also honored.

Her team hosted events such as a ribbon cutting back in February to kick start American Heart Month. She also hosted a Self-Care Saturday, where women from all over the Ohio Valley learned to “love themselves to health.” Discussions of stress management and its importance to heart health was one of the many topics at the event. WTRF’s News Director, Brenda Danehart, also sat on the panel with four other women to discuss heart health issues.

“Cardiovascular disease… you think about all the women in your life. One out of every three of them will die from this. And, a lot of it is preventable. And if we can educate people on prevention then we can have a lot of the women we love in our lives around a lot longer.”

Sherrie Dunlevy, 2023 Woman of Impact Nominee

Dunlevy says, for her, heart health is personal. Cardiovascular disease runs on both sides of her family.

“It hit home very personally for me. And that’s why I knew that I had to step up and do what I could to help raise awareness and raise money.”

Sherrie Dunlevy, 2023 Woman of Impact Nominee

WTRF is a proud media sponsor, and our very own morning news anchor Taylor Long was the emcee for the event.