An Upper Ohio Valley area has been under a boil over for over a month due to lack of manpower.

The City of Chester and Lawrenceville were placed under a precautionary boil order due to a lack of manpower on October 14.

Chester says they were precautionary put on a boil order due to a staffing issue. The City had their only Class II water operator resign.

The City of Chester is a class II water system under the guidelines of the WV Board of Health and with no Class II operator, by law, the City of Chester was required to put the water system on a precautionary boil order.

Chester says the system, at this current time, is operating normally and is safe to consume.

The city also stated that they should have had the issue resolved in a couple of days but there is no timeline in place

Continued of the city’s Facebook page, Chester said they have class I operators who who perform the same operations as a class II and are in the process of getting their class II operators license and will continue to seek the certification.

7News reached out to the city for an update and are waiting for a response.

The City of Chest plans to have a board meeting on November 15 at 5pm.

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