MINERAL CITY, Ohio — Rescuers saved a distressed osprey after it had become entangled in a fishing line high up in a tree, thanks to community cooperation and concern for wildlife.

The rescue mission, led by Atwood Park Staff, MWCD Rangers, Dellroy Fire Department, and DH Land Clearing, took place over the weekend near Dellroy, Ohio. 

A nearby resident alerted local authorities after they noticed the osprey struggling in a tree. It had been entangled in discarded fishing line, leaving it unable to free itself.

Atwood Lake Park Manager says that the rescue serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible fishing practices and the impact on wildlife. He goes on to say that properly discarding used fishing lines and other materials is essential.

Rescuers were able to reach the animal and remove the fishing line safely.

The osprey was then transported to Stark Park’s Wildlife Conservation Center, where it is being cared for to ensure its health and well-being.

Animal Care Supervisor of the Conservation Center, Stephon Echague, says the bird is doing fairly well, though he has a swollen leg where the line was wrapped.

Care specialists say the osprey will see the vet this week and is currently receiving fluids and being well-fed.

If he continues to show improvement, the osprey will be released back into the wild soon.

Fishing line disposal bins are located at the public launch ramps and various locations at each MWCD lake.

Residents are encouraged to report any wildlife in distress to local authorities.