Ohio — Police in Sylvania, Ohio, were called to investigate what CAIR-Cleveland is labeling as a hate crime.

The nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization called on police to investigate a bloody decapitated doll that was left under a Palestinian flag in the yard of a home.

CNN reports that a video from a neighbor’s camera shows a man in dark clothing approaching the flag and placing something on the ground around 10:25 a.m. on November 7.

Approximately 8 minutes earlier, a similarly dressed man can be seen mowing the grass in the center of the boulevard across from the home, but it is unclear whether it is the same man. Police say the incident takes place too far away from the camera.

Police could not confirm with CNN whether the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

CAIR stated that reports of assault, intimidation, and harassment against Muslims are on the rise since the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas, citing an over 50 percent increase in the average number of complaints received from a 16-day period this year compared to 2022.

It is reported that this is the largest number of reports logged since 2015, but that number could be much higher.

The incident is still under investigation.

(Video in the story shows the top stories for Thursday, November 9, 2023)