CAMBRIDGE, Ohio (WTRF) – Nearly two decades of memories, magic, and more have come from the historic Guernsey County Courthouse in Cambridge, Ohio – being a colorful light throughout the most wonderful time of the year. 

”When we started this 17 years ago, we didn’t know how it was going to be received. We’ve got a historic courthouse in the center of town. It’s a little bit of a, you know, it’s a fun show. We were blown away the first couple years. And to say that that has changed. It hasn’t.”

Joel Losego – Owner, AVC Communications

The Christmas Light Show at the courthouse has been a longstanding tradition for families all over the east coast and beyond, and just three years ago they asked the question, ‘Why not extend the magic into Halloween too?’ 

”It makes me feel great as a mother because I get to have her do these experiences I did when I was little.”

Aliya Hadley – Zanesville, Ohio

Every boy and ‘ghoul’ – young and old – can listen to the spookiest of songs and just as the monsters, ghosts, and vampires do – watch the lights come alive at night. 

Show creator Joel Losego says this is a year-round effort. 

”What we do is each year we’ll take some music out, put some new music in. It takes about, on average, 22 hours for every 2 minutes of music. So, it’s a lot of work to, you know, swap it out wholesale. But we try to make it different every year, including the props that we use, and the lights are always changing. So, there’s always something new to come see.”

Joel Losego – Owner, AVC Communications

The courthouse is covered in 14,000 different lights, lighting up the building in 14,000 different ways making not only every song unique, but every show throughout the night one of a kind.

There are more treats than tricks in their Halloween show, with favorites tunes like the Addams Family, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, The Monster Mash, and many more. 

The biggest treat of all for the creators though, is the reaction from those who make the trip out. 

”We’re volunteers. So, we do it to see the little kids running around and dancing with the lights and singing with the music. That’s the that’s what we get out of it. Watching the kids and the families have fun.”

Joel Losego – Owner, AVC Communications

As Elaina can attest to, they really do have fun – treats, tricks and all. 

”It just feels so good because, you know, you feel in the Halloween spirit with all the kids and you get to go trick or treating and you feel like, really cheered up.”

Elaina Marlatt – Cambridge, Ohio

Whether you like Halloween for the spooks or the sweets, the Guernsey County Courthouse has something for everyone every single year. 

”They’re surprised at the quality of the show in little Cambridge, Ohio.”

Joel Losego – Owner, AVC Communications

Their final show is on October 31st on Halloween night from 7pm to 9pm, but no worries! Their Christmas Light Show begins on November 1st.