From bicycles to board games, from alarm clocks to compression socks, you can find it in one of the dozens of yard sales along National Road.

The event is in its 20th year, and actually stretches 824 miles, from Baltimore to St. Louis.

In Belmont County, it stretches 28 miles, from Bridgeport to Hendrysburg and through many communities in between.

Belmont County Tourism Director Jackee Pugh says the event celebrates the historic byway, offering roadside treasures including antiques, furniture, housewares, and collectibles.

It began May 31 and runs through June 4.

There are no constraints, rules, or regulations.

Pugh says the yard sale has never been run by any committee or organization.

It’s generally open from dawn to dusk, but each seller sets their own schedule.

In Belmont County, people are selling baskets, car air filters, toys, holiday decorations, jewelry, and lamps. 

The sale always starts the first Wednesday after Memorial Day.