The Belmont County animal shelter in Ohio released a statement after 7News received tips from concerned citizens that the Shelter, operating a no kill animal shelter, killed six dogs.

The statement can be read in full:

Yesterday, the Belmont County Animal Shelter euthanized 6 dogs in its care.  These procedures occurred at a local veterinarian office.  This decision was not made lightly as it was very difficult for all Shelter staff that work extremely hard to care for each animal daily.  Each of these dogs were in the large category and had instances of aggressive behavior with either people, other animals, or both.  Some had been in our care for as long as three to four years.  Additionally, half of them had been adopted in the area but unfortunately were returned to the shelter, in some cases for aggressive behavior.  These are rare cases that lead to this rare decision.  Belmont County is categorized as a “no kill” shelter in which the national standard is a 90 percent placement rate.  It is a classification that is taken very seriously.  We appreciate all of the area residents who have opened up their homes to the Belmont County Animal Shelter.  We will continue to work each day to find forever homes to those in our care.

Belmont County Animal Shelter