Officials in Belmont County say they are looking for a man that assaulted a woman near the Park and Ride off I-470

The Ohio State Highway Patrol say the assault happened on County Road 214 around 6:20 PM.

Officials say a woman observed a man assaulting a woman near the park and ride.

The witness allegedly told police the man was kicking and hitting the woman outside their vehicle.

Police say the woman, who was the witness, yelled for the man to stop, but was then attacked by the man with a knife and cut her face.

The witness said the man got in his car and took off and the witness said she went home after he left.

Police say they do not know what happened to the female victim, whether she got into the vehicle or was left on the ground.

The witness also said the female victim looked hurt pretty bad.

The man is described as a white male in his late 20s and early 30s with tattoos on his neck, arms, and hands.

Police say the victim is a white woman with blonde hair and has injuries to her face.

The Ohio Highway Patrol says the suspect left the scene in a grey hatchback that could be a Ford Fiesta with a loud exhaust.

Anyone that has a matching description of the vehicle or individuals, please call the The Ohio Highway Patrol at 740-695-0915

No photo of the male was made available at this time.