An Ohio woman is receiving medical attention after being found by the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office living in terrible conditions.

The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office recently responded to a Perry’s Den address to conduct a well-being check on a female with mental and intellectual disabilities that had been left unattended several times for several days at a time, according to the Department.

The female’s main purpose at this Perry’s Den address was to care for the animals of the persons that placed her there, the Department said.

 Upon arrival, deputies said they found a young female left unattended and needed supervision at all times for her safety due to her disabilities.

 Deputies also noted that the female was left without running water, sewer, or electricity. It was also noted that the female only had approximately one-half gallon of water and could not locate any shoes for her feet.

 Upon further investigation, deputies said piles of trash were located around the structure the female was staying in, bringing many scavenger animals to feed upon the trash. These piles of trash were initially hard to see due to the grass being approximately waist deep.

Once an inspection was made of the structure, deputies say it was found that the condition was well below what was reasonable for a human being.

Deputies then took custody of the female for her well-being and safety.

According to deputies, the female is still under the care of medical professionals until she is cleared from any illness she incurred while living in these conditions.

A criminal investigation into the parties that placed her at that address is still ongoing.