Officials in Ohio went above and beyond to help get a baby hawk back into its nest.

The Norwalk Police Department in Ohio says they received a call that a baby hawk had fallen from its nest and was acting aggressively towards pets.

Sgt. Chris Kelley responded and says he recognized the hawk as being a Red-Tailed species. When looking over the scene Sgt. Kelley said the hawk’s nest was 55 feet off the ground and that the hawk fell but didn’t appear to be injured.

The police department said Sgt. Kelley contacted a supervisor for the Ohio Division of Wildlife, that recommended that the hawk be put back into the nest if it wasn’t injured.

Sgt. Kelley contacted the Norwalk Fire Department and the Fire Department responded with a ladder truck.

In addition, Firefighter Matt Hunter and his wife, Ronie, who is also a veterinarian, also responded to the scene. Using gloves to help guard against injuries from the hawk’s talons and beak, Ronie was able to catch the hawk and confirmed he wasn’t injured.

Assistant Chief Strayer then took the hawk and along with Fireman Dowdell, ascended to the nest in the bucket of the firetruck.

The hawk was seen flapping and stretching its wings minutes later, seemingly unaffected by the whole ordeal.

One other juvenile hawk was observed in the nest and moved out onto a branch while its nest mate was being placed back in the nest.

The other hawk moved back into the nest once things calmed down. As of today, both hawks are still in the nest and appear to be doing fine.