UPDATE: Officials were called for a gas leak at a local Ohio Kroger.

Officials were able to get the gas turned off and do an inspection of the store.

Inside the store, officials found that batteries used in the machine to scrape up tile was giving off an odor.

Officials have labeled this as faulty equipment and removed the piece of equipment from the store

Local officials say no one is sick at this time.

Kroger is reopened after officials cleared.


OHIO- People are being evacuated at a local Ohio Kroger after reports of a gas leak and people being sick inside the store.

The Kroger being evacuated is the Hollywood City Center in Steubenville, Ohio.

Police and fire are on the scene and officials are urging those near the area to be careful of the area

Reports are saying they can smell gas through the entire grocery store. Officials do not know where the gas leak is coming from at this time

It’s reported that Columbia Gas has been called.

7News is working to get more information, refresh this story for updates.