An Ohio man has been arrested after police say they found him with a suitcase full of meat.

Police say they got a report of a male shoplifter pushed a shopping cart loaded with various cuts of packaged meats, and a suitcase, out of the store without paying for them.

Police say the man was observed in the parking lot near the Penn Station dumpster in South Euclid packing meat inside the suitcase

Police say what the man could not fit in the suitcase was thrown into a dumpster.

The suspect abandoned the shopping cart in the parking lot after its security feature locked up its front wheel, which prevented him from continuing to push the shopping cart off Walmart’s property, said police.

Police say they stopped the man at the bus stop across the street from Walmart and identified him as a 62-year-old Garfield Heights man.

His name was not given by police.

He was found to have several warrants, two of them with our department.

Police say the man typically sells the meat, which he steals, to restaurants who pay him half the face value marked on the price tags.

The suspect did not identify the restaurants.

Police say he was arrested and booked for theft.

It is the 70th time the suspect has been arrested, police say.