OHIO- An Ohio man was found guilty after a family friend was left unconscious with a brain bleed.

 50-year-old Chad Chapman was found guilty by jurors in the Muskingum County Common Pleas Court, according to YourRadioPlace.

Last September, a neighbor heard fighting coming from Chapman’s home and called 911,

It was found that a family friend came over to the home to have drinks with Champman.

The family friend testified that he took the last beer from the refrigerator, and Chapman became enraged and began to hit the victim.

The victim said he tried to leave, but Chapman continued to strike him in the backyard and the front yard, and that’s when the neighbor called 911.

The neighbor testified that the victim did not fight with Chapman.

The outlet reports that Chapman testified that he was acting in self-defense, and his lawyer said the victim started the fight and lost and that  “actions have consequences.”

The victim was sent to a local hospital with a brain bleed.

Chapman was found guilty of felonious assault. He could be sentenced to 8-12 years.