WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio — A man from Ohio was arrested and charged after police say he attempted to kill his ex-wife

According to the Sheriff’s Office out of Washington County, they responded to a 911 call out of Wesley Township on Patten Mills Road

The caller allegedly told dispatch that Dale Pugh, 70, was threatening to kill his ex-wife Virginia Pugh.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Pugh had left the residence before deputies arrived at the scene, where they started patrolling for his vehicle.

Investigators say Dale and Virginia had been divorced since 1998, however, they still lived together until recently.

It was reported that after Virginia moved out, Dale began heavily drinking, and was suffering from personal issues.

Deputies say that Virginia came to visit her daughter at the residence when Dale saw her at the home. He then called and asked if Virginia had asked about or said anything about him. Virginia left the residence shortly after, visiting another family member’s house, which is in close proximity to where the incident occurred.

The report goes on to state that Dale Pugh then made a call to that family member, and told something to the effect “It’s over. It’s done. I’m taking care of it.”

A family member allegedly told officers that they then walked over to Dale’s residence where they witnessed Pugh standing a the kitchen window with a loaded 30-06 rifle, which was later confirmed to contain a live round in the chamber.

The report states that the window was open and Pugh was pointing the rifle toward the greenhouse in the backyard, where Virginia was gathering some of her belongings. When the family member saw movement in the greenhouse they ran towards Pugh and grabbed the rifle, peeling it from his hands to gain control of it.

The family member told deputies that they stood in front of the gun cabinet and Pugh was able to get his vehicle keys and leave the residence.

Pugh later returned to the residence and was interviewed by detectives, his statement was consistent with what was reported.

Pugh was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail where he was charged with Attempted Murder, a first-degree felony. He remains incarcerated in the Washington County Jail until his initial appearance in Marietta Municipal Court.