A federal jury convicted a registered sex offender on all counts following a four-day trial in Cincinnati.

Nicholas J. Veerkamp, 30, of Colerain Township, Ohio, sexually exploited a 9-year-old victim and a 12-year-old victim and kept images of the exploitation.

The verdict was announced yesterday evening following a trial that began on Oct. 24 before Senior U.S. District Judge Michael R. Barrett.

According to court documents and trial testimony, in August 2017, Veerkamp sexually exploited a 12-year-old victim to create three images of child pornography.

In October 2017, Veerkamp sexually exploited a 9-year-old child for the purpose of making child pornography. Veerkamp created 19 images of the victim, including images in which he exposed the child’s genitals while the victim slept.

The defendant also possessed other images of minor females on his electronic devices.