A 43-year-old man died after police in Ohio were called to a domestic dispute on Wednesday in Mineral City

News outlets report that Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic call from a woman who said she had a protection order against her. She said she was hiding in the home for safety.

Deputies said they tried to de-escalate the situation multiple times and that they were aware the man had a gun on him, because the man alerted deputies when they arrived.

Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s say the man attempted to enter the home and a deputy used a a less lethal beanbag round to stop the suspect.

Officials say this did not work, because the suspect turned around and fired a shot at the deputies, in return, the deputies fired back and killed the man.

According to the TimesReporter, the man was identified as Everett M. Martin 

The deputies involved are on paid administrative, according to WJER