Police are looking for a man that robbed a gas station in Ohio.

Wells Township police say a man broke into the Coen Gas Station in Brilliant last Wednesday night to allegedly steal vodka and cigarettes.

The man was dropped off in front of the gas station, looked to see if anyone was watching and broke the glass door and grabbed a bottle of alcohol and cigarettes, then ran off.

“What this guy did, 11:17 in a bout of stupidity comes down and breaks in to the gas station, breaking the glass door, he goes and steals a bottle of vodka and two packs of Newport’s, then necessities, and he’s only in there less than 20 seconds and he does that kind of damage.”

Captain Sean Norman – Wells Township Police

The man wore an orange safety vest, a gray muscle shirt, a hat, Adidas flip-flops, and black shorts.

They are also looking for the driver as well.

Police don’t have a good description of the vehicle at this time.

The man allegedly caused about $1000 in damages.

If you have any information, you’re urged to call the police at 740-598-9602.