OHIO — Bodycam footage showing Akron police rescuing a 23-year-old woman in Ohio who was kidnapped, held captive, and tortured for four days has been released.

According to Fox News and the New York Post, serial kidnapper William Mozingo allegedly abducted Chloe Jones, beat her with a baseball bat, poured gasoline on her, and threatened to light her on fire while holding her captive in a detached garage for four days.

In the Bodycam footage, Akron Police can be seen surrounding the garage with guns drawn, yelling for Mozingo to come out with his hands empty.

According to the news outlets, once Mozingo was safely detained, officers entered the garage and used a ladder to help Jones climb down from a hole in the ceiling. The video shows her face and eyes had been severely beaten.

Jones’s mother took to GoFundMe to tell her tale. It states that after being rescued by police, Jones spent three days in the ICU with facial fractures, a brain bleed, and broken arms and fingers. According to her mother, she was tortured non-stop for the four days that she was held captive.

It is reported that Mozingo offered Jones a ride, but instead of taking her home, he took her to the detached garage, where he kept her for four days until the garage’s owner discovered him.

Jones’s mother also states in the GoFundMe that Jones was tied up and forced to urinate on herself when she was not allowed to go to the bathroom.

The body cam footage shows police finding rope with what appeared to be blood on it, in Mozingo’s pocket while searching him for weapons.

Jones, a mother, told Fox 8 that the thought of her son is what kept her alive.

Fox News reports that Mozingo was arrested and charged with assault, unlawful restraint, kidnapping, abduction, parole violation, and escape.

He’s currently held at the Summit County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

According to the news outlet, Mozingo has a lengthy rap sheet, including serving time in prison for abduction in 2011, 2014, and 2019. He served 18 months in prison before he was released on parole.

It is also reported that he held a woman by knifepoint in a Walmart bathroom in 2017, and during the most recent attack, Mozingo kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, beat her, and left her naked and unconscious in his Canton, Ohio, home.