A police department in Ohio says a candy bar they tested came back presumptively positive for Methamphetamine/Fentanyl.

Byesville Police say they were made aware of a suspicious candy bar found in a child’s candy bag from last night’s Byesville trick-or-treat.

Police say the unopened candy bar had a pin-size hole in the wrapper.

Police also say a statement was received from the mother of the child along with the candy bar itself.

Byesville Police then said a control test of the same brand of candy bar bought at a nearby gas station showed the same results.

The candy bar is being rushed to a testing facility within the State of Ohio for further investigation.

Byesville says that anyone that received candy from last nights trick-or-treat to dispose of or not consume it until the investigation can be concluded.

Once the results from the testing facility are in, the Byesville Police Department will advise the public of the results.

Byesville did not disclose what candy tested positive.