COAL GROVE, OH (WOWK) – A national media and marketing company is focusing on a local Mom-and-Pop restaurant.

“America’s Best Restaurants” is spending part of the day at the Coal Grove Freezette, a family owned and operated restaurant that has been in business in the town for the past 21 years. The restaurant is known for their burgers, hotdogs and specialty milkshakes, and it will be featured on America’s Best Restaurants!

“We have community nominations, and a lot of people from Ironton recommended this place,” said Luis Rivera of America’s Best Restaurants. “Nominated this place, that they wanted us to come here. That’s how we found out about Coal Grove Freezette.

The owners say they are thrilled to be showcased.

“We’re honored,” said Freezette co-owner Leah Blake. “We’re in Southern Ohio. A little, little restaurant – family-owned. We’re just glad they picked us.

Rivera says it will take about six weeks to get the show edited and ready for broadcast.