An Ohio school district sent out a repose after one of their former assistant wrestling coaches was arrested for sexual battery after having an alleged sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student that was on the wrestling team.

The statement came from Noble Local School Superintendent Justin Denius and Board President Ed McKee after Shenandoah High School assistant wrestling coach James Brian Giesey was arrested.

In the statement, the school district said they were ‘sickened’ when they first heard of the allegations.

‘An adult intentionally and criminally preying on a student is evil. Every student who attends our schools has an absolute right to be safe and secure from such criminal acts. There’s nothing more important to us than the safety and well-being of the children and teenagers entrusted to us by their parents,’ the School District said.

The School District also said they were limited in what they could say but offered what they students, teachers, faculty, staff and area residents to know:

  1. The school district said Giesey was placed on administrative leave without pay and reported Giesey to the Ohio Department of Education, which would have the power to remove professional education credentials from Giesey

2. Giesey’s contract was as assistant wrestling coach ends at the end of the wrestling season and Giesey will not be back as an employee or volunteer or in any position in the District.

3. The School District is cooperating with law enforcement, prosecutors, child welfare authorities and the Department of Education to make sure justice is done.

4. Even though Giesey passed a background check before being hired, the school district wants to do even more to inquire into background of potential employees. The School District says they are working on more safeguards to protect students.

5. The School District still wants to know if any faculty or staff knew about the allegations. The District says they require teachers and coaches to immediately report any allegations of sex abuse or illegal activity.

6. An outside law firm has been hired that has no ties to the school or community to do a personnel investigation to see if anyone violated the school’s police of reporting allegations of sex abuse or illegal activity. The District says they will take responsible action against anyone that was in violation of the policies.

7. The District said they want to provide any counseling to the student that law enforcement identified as the victim and that they have guidance counselors that have counseling and support options for other students that are upset or experiencing hardship with this situation.

In the response, the District closed with asking the community to stand with school leaders as they seek to hold accountable anyone who broke the law.

At this time, according to the Noble County Jail roster, Giesey is still being held in the jail.