NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio (WJW) — Northeast Ohio’s SkunkFest is back in action this year, celebrating all things skunks.

The Skunk Haven Shelter is hosting the annual outdoor event at South Central Park in North Ridgeville Sept. 10, inviting not just owners of the stripped animals, but anyone interested in learning more about them.

Take a look at previous SkunkFests below:

Running from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., this year’s event features a skunk costume contest, vendors with skunk merchandise, speakers, games and more.

For all those questioning, skunks kept as pets are domesticated and descented. While the skunks at the event will be on display, the public is asked to look but not touch.

To enter, SkunkFest attendees can offer a cash donation or paper towels or natural grain cereal. Check out event details right here.