FOREST PARK, Ohio — During an argument over bedtime, a 15-year-old boy allegedly shot his father and ran away with the gun to another state before being caught by police and placed into custody.

According to FOX19, the boy was arraigned Monday morning on charges of felonious assault and auto theft.

Police said that after the teen shot his father once in the stomach, he fled the home before officers arrived and stole a vehicle from a local business, driving over 100 miles to what the police knew was his mother’s home, reported FOX19.

The 8th grader remains locked up at the Hamilton County Juvenile Youth Court Detention Center, for now with his defense attorney, mother, and older brother asking the center to release him.

”We just want him to have a good environment around him because (he) is not a bad kid. He just may have had some issues that he was going through but (he) is not a bad kid at all,” the teen’s older brother told the magistrate reported FOX19.

The teen’s mother requested that he be returned to her home in Lexington but the magistrate said it was impossible due to her living out of state.

While recovering in the hospital from the gunshot wound, the teen’s father was firm in his decision to have his son not return to his home saying, “He can’t stay with me, Your Honor. It’s pretty much self-explanatory to see where I’m at. I feel like these little problems been popping up and up and I feel like it’s a slap on the wrist to let him out right now,” reported FOX 19.

The magistrate said the only way she would consider releasing the teen is if there’s a plan with a place for him to stay in Hamilton County.

The full details of this case have not been exposed and the teen’s hearing is set for Tuesday, May, to allow his family and attorney to return to court with a plan.