Christine Edgar, formerly of Barton, appeared in court today, facing three counts of abandonment and three counts of cruelty.

Edgar allegedly moved out of her Main Street, Barton, home in 2016, leaving pets behind with no care.

Humane agents from Belmont County Hoof & Paw who were recently called to the scene discovered the remains of 30 pets–rabbits, cats and kittens–many locked in cages.

Today in Belmont County Northern Division Court, Judge Chris Berhalter asked Edgar if there are any animals in the house where she now resides.

She indicated there are animals there, but not any of her own.

Judge Berhalter ordered her to allow the Belmont County dog warden to inspect the premises to ensure that those animals are healthy and getting proper care.

Because she now lives in Jefferson County, the judge said the Jefferson County dog warden could also be involved in that inspection if necessary.

But the judge emphasized that nothing must interfere with that inspection.

Edgar’s defense attorney said he may challenge the six charges, based on the statute of limitations.

The defense was given a deadline of Feb. 24 to submit those arguments, and the prosecution was given until March 10 to respond.

Oral arguments from both sides are scheduled for March 22 in Northern Division Court.

Edgar remains free on personal recognizance bond.