TORONTO, Ohio (WTRF) A partnership has been formed to better protect the residents of Toronto.

It’s called an “All Call”

Starting Monday, May 1st the Toronto Fire Department will show up to emergency calls at times when TEMS Joint Ambulance District crews are already held up on other calls.

In addition to the “All-Call” they will also be toned for all Cardiac Arrest and Motor Vehicle Crashes at the time of dispatch to assist with their high call volume.

Both Chiefs say with this partnership, they will be able to utilize both departments to make sure the people get the first response care they need.

“It’s very important to get the care to the residents faster you know to be able to start the treatment immediately. We really appreciate the partnership with the City of Toronto Fire Department and we’re always out to make things better for the citizens.”

Clark Crago – Director of Operations TEMS Joint Ambulance District

“Well, I think that anytime you can get faster medical service to any of the residents of Toronto or surrounding area it’s better for them and it’s better for the city.”

Chief Bill Scheel – Toronto Fire Department

Toronto City Council approved the resolution for this partnership to give residents the best care possible, at all times.