Mingo Junction, Ohio (WTRF) – Sometimes it’s the youngest ones who have the most to give.

Second graders in Jefferson County have spent two months donating and packaging supplies for Trinity Health cancer patients.

And Thursday, they saw the smiles they were able to bring.

Representatives from the hospital came to pick up these brightly colored bags, all packed by the students.

They contained essentials like snacks and drinks, along with comfort items like puzzle books.

Even in early elementary school, organizers say these kids know just how much they’re giving.

They make them feel and forget what about they’re going through. It’s a bright spot in
their day, and it’s a bright spot in our day.

Catherine Poludniak, Foundation manager, Trinity Health System

Most of the kids have heard about cancer, and we’ve talked about cancer and chemotherapy and the difficulty these patients have when they’re going through treatment. So it makes them even more excited to put a smile on their face, a little bit of cheer on their card.

Sarah Hibbits, 2nd grade teacher

While the students aren’t able to see the patients they help firsthand, Hibbits says they’re thrilled
to see the thank you cards that arrive every year.