Ohio (WTRF)

Gun violence continues to ramp up across the nation.

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio says his heart goes out to the victims’ families in last weekend’s mass shooting in Buffalo that took ten lives.

He says once again it was the work of someone with a serious mental condition.

But he says the shooter had been making threats and people knew it but didn’t speak up.

Sen. Portman says the gunman had expressed hate speech directed toward black people.

The troubled young man advocated the viewpoint of white supremacy.

So the Senator says part of the answer to preventing these tragedies is for everyone to be more vigilant.

“In terms of gun law, we’ve got to enforce the laws that we have,” Portman asserted. “Including if you have a mental illness, you are not able to get a gun. You know some people are going to find a weapon and use it because they have in this case a deep hatred inside of them and a serious mental illness problem. Those people need to be identified.”

He says law enforcement needs to be part of this vigilance.

Portman says if we don’t identify these people before it happens, we’re going to see more and more of it.

And he says social media platforms need to be more responsible regarding the material they allow people to put online.